My bf lives in cali and i need advice.


Dont you think its a little messed up that in a 4 hr time period you don’t know if u can take a 10 break to talk to me. Im not bitching im just saying its quite sad. I get it you love playing dota with your friends. We used to be friends. Js. I love you. But you cant get off your game for 5…

If you feel in your heart that you can’t continue in your relationship then do that. He should be able to give you even just five or ten minutes of his day if he spends most of his time playing games or with friends. But from experience I know that sometimes it’s worth speaking your mind and trying to work through it with an open mind. Just don’t forget your worth and that he may or may not be able to give you the love and attention you deserve. Do what is best for YOU. Good luck!3 notes

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